Day 108-112: Cascade Locks to Trout Lake

5 thoughts on “Day 108-112: Cascade Locks to Trout Lake”

  1. I just have to say, I would love to have been “another” little mouse in the middle of the night watching it crawl over Caitlin!! It gives me the creeps just thinking about it. You two be safe!!!
    Love, Mom

  2. I like the backwards hat, Cait! I have your wedding clothes in my mudroom, ready for you handsome people 🙂

  3. We are in June and it is hot. We hiked to Crystal lake and your Mom and Dad hiked to Mammoth Crest…great veiws….a bit strenuous. Much love

  4. Wow! Already in Washington, that’s incredible. Great blog you guys. Best of luck on the rest of your journey.

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