Day 5: New shoes and panoramic views

2 thoughts on “Day 5: New shoes and panoramic views”

  1. So Derek purchased new shoes already!! I sure hope they break in easy and there are no blisters! Will Derek be modeling the teal sandals? Sounds like a lot of snacks thus far. Ice Cream and Ice Cream……Really liking the pics…keep them coming.
    Love Mom

  2. Hi Guys!

    I’m late to this “trip” but so glad Kimmie sent me the link!! Really have loved reading your posts so far Derek and seeing all the pictures. But love Caitlin, that you have now chimed in too as it is great getting your perspective and voice as well.

    Really special being included “along” on this trip with you both (is inspiring me to really think through my idea to do the “Camino” over here in Spain and France with your mom and maybe your “nana” too!) and I am now going to try and keep up with it.


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