Day 1: A heavy start

14 thoughts on “Day 1: A heavy start”

  1. Good job, guys!! Beautiful and entertaining photos — as expected 🙂
    Sending you all good vibes to your bodies as they are getting used to the hike and the weight!

  2. “You guys are crazy. Are your butts dirty? “per Slaten.
    Looks cool and we love following your adventures every day!!!!

  3. By the time your adventure ends five months from now I hope you have found the answer to one of man’s most intriguing questions–does a bear poop in the woods?

  4. Did anyone else notice Derek wearing headphones? Hopefully, he doesn’t have music on loud and not hear his incredible wife yelling at him!

  5. Great pictures! Keep them coming. Happy anniversary. How’s the bandana thing working for you?

  6. Two days out and you have already had a shower…Wow. Bobby is going to try to meet you at the Eagle just for a day hike. Stay warm on Mt. Laguna.

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